How to Train Your Cat to Run an Obstacle Course?

How to Train Your Cat to Run an Obstacle Course
How to Train Your Cat to Run an Obstacle Course


Agility may be a sport far more commonly related to dogs than cats. But did you recognize that cats can do agility, which they Can do it very well?

Cat agility is an increasingly popular sport that gives an excellent physical and mental workout for your kitty, while at an equivalent time strengthening the bond the 2 of you share. better of all, it is a sport you and your cat can train for the reception.

By building your own agility course, whether it be in your yard or perhaps at home, you will give your fabulous feline the “perfect” environment in which to hone his skills. Then all you’ve got to try to do is train your cat to run an obstacle course — keep reading to seek out out how.

Defining Tasks

Training your cat to run an obstacle course may be a little harder than teaching a dog equivalent skills. this is often quite just because cats aren’t always as wanting to please as many dog breeds, so you will need a patient and consistent approach to assist your pet to understand the essential skills necessary to finish the course.

Whichever of the 2 methods below that you simply choose when training your cat, there are a few of various ways to travel about it. One is to believe the clicker training approach, which basically involves employing a click sound and giving your pet a treat once they exhibit the desired behavior, like jumping over an obstacle.

Alternatively, you would possibly wish to try luring your cat through the course with their favorite toy. It all comes right down to what works best for your cat, so it’d take a touch trial and error before you discover the proper approach.

Of course, the athletic skills your cat will get to learn will vary counting on the obstacle course you create. you will want your kitty to run through tunnels, jump over fences, squeeze between posts, climb stairs or jump through hoops.

Training these talents will take time, but the results are impressive and make the diligence well worthwhile.

Getting Started

Some cats will quickly get used to agility training, but others will take a little longer to figure out what you would like them to try (or find the need to try). no matter which method you select, stay calm and patient in the least time, and remember to stay your sessions short and fun. this may allow you to line your cat up for the simplest chance of success.

How to Train Your Cat to Run an Obstacle Course
How to Train Your Cat to Run an Obstacle Course

The effective one by one method

  • STEP 1 choose an obstacle to start.
    • This method is simply about training your cat to overcome each obstacle in the agility cycle one by one. The main thing to try is to choose an obstacle that you think your cat will enjoy or will be ready to learn to tackle.
  • STEP 2 Start small
    • While there are some obstacles your pet will get the hang of immediately, others might require a touch more fine-tuning. for instance, if you’re teaching your cat to leap through a hoop, you would possibly be got to start by allowing them to steer through it at ground level before gradually raising it a touch higher off the bottom with each new attempt.
  • STEP 3 Master the obstacle
    • Now it is time to use a treat or even your cat’s favorite toy to lure them over, under, or through the obstacle. for instance, if you would like your pet to travel through a tunnel, throw a treat into the tunnel and encourage them to travel and obtain it. If you’re employing a toy as a lure to urge your cat over a jump, lead your pet through the obstacle and reward them with a play, a cuddle, or a treat once they complete it.
  • STEP 4 advance to subsequent obstacle
    • Once your cat has completed the primary obstacle a couple of times and knows what to try to do, you’ll advance to training them to tackle the subsequent obstacle. you ought to again confirm to reward your pet for doing the proper thing and remember to repeat a couple of times until your kitty knows exactly what to try to do.
  • Step 5 Assemble the entire course
    • Once you have taught your pet each obstacle one by one, you will specialize in combining each individual challenge into one great agility course. Guide your cat through the course slowly initially, giving them an opportunity to urge won’t to putting multiple skills together and understanding the route you would like them to require. Over time, your cat will grow faster and faster until he shows himself to be something of a seasoned professional at work.

The Back-chaining Method

  • STEP 1 Start with the last obstacle
    • You read that right — The main thing you will want to try is to teach your cat to overcome the last obstacle on the course. Use their favorite toy or treat to assist them to work past the obstacle, and you’ll use a clicker to strengthen the proper behavior if you would like.
  • STEP 2 Move to the next-to-last obstacle
    • Once your cat has mastered the ultimate obstacle within the course, you’ll specialise in the second-last obstacle. you’ll again use a gift to motivate your pet to finish the obstacle, but once they’ve done it, continue straight on to the last obstacle and encourage them to finish that also.
  • STEP 3 Keep building the chain
    • Working step by step, you’ll progress back through each obstacle within the course. whenever they complete a replacement challenge, get them to continue through and complete the remaining obstacles within the course. As they repeat equivalent obstacles and bigger sections of the course time and again, the chain of actions will hopefully become linked in your kitty’s mind.
  • STEP 4 Put the whole course together
    • Now it is time to let your cat tackle the entire obstacle course from start to end. By now, your cat will hopefully put these individually learned behaviors together into the right sequence. And with further repetition, they’ll soon be completing the course at speeds you’d never have thought possible.

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