The wedding gift that changed the life of a couple who had to wait 7 years to open it

An Important Prelude

Can you imagine having to wait seven years to open your wedding gifts? Probably not. But Stacy and Thomas had to. They were deeply in love and had just gotten married. They received many gifts, and they couldn’t wait to open them as their honeymoon ended.

The first gift Thomas chose had a note attached to it. The note read, “Don’t open it until I’m gone – Grandma Iris.” Stacy also received the same note from her grandmother, in all caps, with more exclamation points than letters. She knew it was serious and that whatever reason her grandmother gave, it would be important.


Losing your grandmother

When you have an elderly person you love in your family, you can expect them to leave you one day, but you can never be prepared enough.

It was years after they were married. Stacy had received a call from her mother and suddenly dropped the half-eaten apple in her left hand. She had just learned that Grandma Iris had passed away. She didn’t know if the emotions that overwhelmed her were due to the calmness with which her mother had just given her the news or the fact that the day she had been dreading had finally arrived.

The mysterious wedding gift

Thomas saw the expression on Stacy’s face change, he already knew something had happened. He quickly got up to hug her and ask her what had happened. When Stacy told him, he was also shocked, and he did his best to console her.

However, Stacy could see that something else was on his mind. She quickly realized that Thomas was thinking about the mysterious wedding gift they had received earlier. She was also eager to open it and find out why they had to wait so long. So she told Thomas it was time to open the gift.

It all makes sense

They had kept the box in their basement where they couldn’t open it by accident or mistake. Thomas couldn’t hide the fact that he was impatient, so he acted quickly, and in no time, he was back with the gift.

They cut the tape and slowly opened the gift box together in sync. They were silent for a few seconds and exchanged a few glances as they looked into the box. They had finally understood why Grandma Iris wanted them to wait until she was gone.

The imperfectly perfect couple

Although Stacy and Thomas dated for four years before agreeing to get married, they had many differences. Opposites attract, as they both fell in love in their first conversation.

However, things weren’t always smooth. They had various altercations throughout their years of dating, especially when they had just moved in together. However, they always let love win. The couple was happy with each other, but not everyone liked their union.

Family disapproval

When Stacy told her family that she and Thomas were ready to get married and spend the rest of their lives together, her family did not support her. Stacy loves Thomas and insists that she will marry him with or without their approval.

This causes considerable disagreement in her family, to the point that she no longer speaks to them. They are only concerned about Thomas’ past and pray that Stacy will choose to settle down with someone whose past does not bother them as much.

Bad choices, better choices

Thomas was pretty naive when he was younger. He got into some serious trouble that landed him in juvenile detention. Stacy and his family knew that Thomas had been arrested and jailed when he was younger, but they weren’t sure why. He didn’t like to talk about it.

Thomas served his time, and when he returned to society, he was careful to follow the law and stay out of trouble. He once confessed to Stacy that one of his biggest fears was going back to prison. Although it was a challenge to stay away from crime, one thing kept him on his toes.

Can you take a joke?

Thomas didn’t like spending time with Stacy’s family. Whenever he did, they would joke about his past and his time in juvenile detention. When they were about to start making plans for the wedding, Thomas knew he couldn’t handle the prying eyes, and that the only opinion that mattered was Stacy’s. So, he suggested planning in private.

Stacy agreed with Thomas. Stacy’s family had to see that the couple was willing to exempt them from their plans if they didn’t respect Thomas and stop digging into his past. When she announced their decision to her family, their response was not what she expected.

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