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  • 5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro

    5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro

    Intense color impact? Check. Easy and smooth application? Check. bound to create a fierce cat eye? Check. Ah, gel eyeliner – you are actually the mega-babe in our makeup kit. If you’re yet to get the flexibility and amazingness of our ultimate BFF, then these steps will assist you to apply gel eyeliner sort of […] More

  • 10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Nails

    10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Nails

    Just like you would like your hair and skin to be healthy within the same way taking care of your nails may be a crucial part of a neat and pulled-together appearance. But unfortunately, many folks fall prey to the myths about the way to look out of your nails properly. Also, the good reliance […] More

  • Explainning the 5 types of fashion design (1)

    Explaining The 5 types Of Fashion Design

    If you spend any time studying fashion, you’ll probably encounter varied sorts of fashion design. The names of those sorts of designs may vary slightly supported the source, but generally, the thought of fashion design hierarchy remains an equivalent. Fashion design can usually be layered, while there are overlays and subcategories, There are five sorts […] More