MuseDrum-Therapeutic Musical Drum

MuseDrum-Therapeutic Musical Drum


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Ease the tension with the melodies of ancient 

MuseDrum is a steel tongue drum used to recreate the melodies played in eastern religions. Each tune you play will touch your soul with the shooting sounds coming from its core.

The drum has eleven tunes you can play with drums or with fingers. It’s crafted with laser cut precision to bring a crystal clean melody that soothes the mind.

Bring eastern flavor to your meditations, yoga practices and other spiritual activates by awaking your soul with the ancient melodies of the Buddhist gurus.

Why MuseDrum is for you

No skills needed- You don’t need prior training to play beautifully on it. With some practice, you’ll quickly master the ancient art.

Masterful craftsmanship- Made from laser-cut steel, MuseDrum creates crystal sounds with each touch, just like the traditional instruments old!

The tunes of ancients- MuseDrum recreates soothing melodies used in ancient Buddhist practices, relaxing you with each tune played!

MuseDrum is the ultimate choice- Your spiritual practices will be much more wholesome and relaxing when you hear Kulkong being played!


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