Perfect Questions to Ask On The First Date


Basic questions are inevitable. Fortunately, you can make your first conversation more fun and exciting for both of you. If your mission is to make the person feel relaxed, you need to know what type of questions are appropriate.

The very first impression counts. A positive attitude and a unique approach can help you reach the soul of your date. Here is a list of questions we should all keep in mind.

How easy is it to make you laugh?
A partnership without someone with a good sense of humor can seem too dull and boring. Whether you’re sad or your partner is going through a difficult time, they both need each other’s support. And one of the best ways to cheer yourself up is to smile and laugh. You can always ask your partner what makes him or her smile and laugh. You might find the same things funny.


Where were you raised and what can you tell me about your childhood and your parents?

The place where he grew up has influenced him a lot. It was his parents and family that made him the person he is today. Listen to the story of his childhood, his favorite games and how he spends his time with family and friends. His past is an essential part of who he is and what he is. If you hear that his childhood was unhappy and that his parents abused or hurt him, it is very possible that you are dating someone who is emotionally unstable.

Where is your “home”?

The place your partner calls home may surprise you. He may say that his heart is tied to the country house he grew up in or to his grandparents’ house where he spent his summer vacations every year. Perhaps his home is where he is now and where he feels perfectly comfortable. This question is sure to stir up positive thoughts and warm feelings in your partner’s heart.

Which workplace did you enjoy the most?

He or she may have changed workplaces several times. Your partner may be considering a promotion in the near future. Ask your partner to tell you more about his or her career and you’ll find out how ambitious he or she is. If they have never changed jobs and companies, ask them what they like about their job and what skills and talents it requires.

What do you think is your favorite drink?

If you’re planning a date at a restaurant or coffee shop, one of the first questions you can ask your partner is what type of drink he or she likes. If the person answers that their favorite drink is coffee, talk about it. Whatever your favorite drink is, it is very possible that the person is interested in your tastes and preferences.

What are you passionate about?

The greatest passion is something that the person thinks about most of the time. It’s what he or she spends most of their time on. Your date might be passionate about something you’ve never heard of. Ask him or her to tell you more about it. Find out what sparked his or her interest. Share your hobbies and interests and you’ll become much closer. If your date doesn’t have a definite answer, don’t be too optimistic. People who don’t have specific interests in their lives don’t have real values either.


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