Natural Ways to Unblock Your Nose When Suffering From a Cold

Nasal congestion is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of a cold. We know it leaves you feeling unwell, but that’s why you need to resist and not let the cold control your life. From hot drinks to steam inhalation, there are many things you can do at home without resorting to medication.

We’d like to introduce you to 8 scientifically proven natural methods to clear your airways faster and more effectively.

Sleep on your side



A stuffy nose means there is a lot of mucus in the sinuses, which makes it difficult to breathe properly. So it’s important to keep your head up at night by adding a second pillow. It is also essential to try to sleep on your side rather than on your back, as this will make it easier for the blockage to occur. The nose is much more likely to “empty” at night than to allow mucus to accumulate.

Hydrate with hot soups and tea


Hot liquids may not help you get rid of a cold any faster, but they do relieve uncomfortable symptoms. Researchers have found that people who drink hot beverages rather than room temperature drinks feel much better. Chamomile, green tea, chicken soup and hot water with lemon and honey can effectively soothe you. The placebo effect they create is very important for you to feel and look better.

Apply a warm compress to your breasts


A warm compress reduces sinus inflammation and unblocks nasal airways. Simply take a clean cloth, soak it in warm (but not hot) water and place it on the top of your nose and the bottom of your forehead. The warmth of the compress will allow your nostrils to open and breathe more easily. Do not leave the compress on for long periods of time, as you may burn your skin.

Rinse the nose with a neti pot.


This may not be the most convenient method, but it has proven to be effective in clearing sinuses. Simply stand over the sink and place the neti pot in one of your nostrils. Water will enter through your nose and exit through the other nostril. You can do this exercise for 1 minute per nostril.

Please note that you cannot use water. The FDA recommends using distilled or sterile water rather than tap water, which can be full of salt and other harmful elements.

Buy a humidifier


The cold, dry air that is common in our homes makes nasal congestion even worse. That’s where a humidifier comes in handy, as it brings needed moisture to the room. You can leave it running day and night, but it’s especially helpful when you’re sleeping, as it helps you rest and feel more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about any major hazards and you will quickly notice a significant improvement in your stuffy nose.

Breathe in the steam from boiling garlic.


Garlic is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties and can provide many benefits against colds. You can eat it or (preferably) boil it in water and inhale the steam, thus avoiding bad breath. You can put a towel over your head to trap as much steam as possible. However, don’t get too close to the pot of garlic water; ideally, keep your arm away from it.

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