10 Hidden Door Ideas

10 Hidden Door Ideas
10 Hidden Door Ideas

The notion of hidden door taps into the childhood desire for a secret place and therefore the lifelong looking for everyone to possess a personal room to call their own. The contours of a secret room are often disguised in any number of clever ways. A bookcase unit might slide or pivot hospitable create a stealth passageway into a personal room. A custom-made concealed door perfectly embedded in the paneling can act as a discreet portal for the extra square footage that is hidden from view.

Hidden doors can cause a playroom, reading nook, headquarters, ladies room, man cave, or a concealed cargo area that helps the remainder of your space to stay clutter-free. Oftentimes, a hidden door is used instead of a hallway to separate the bedroom from the front room into a smaller space; To cover the room with a visor when not in use; Or to create a space that encourages me to take time out of relationships.

Check out the subsequent hidden door ideas to assist inspire you into creating a secret space of your own.

1. Hidden Dining Room Door

Hidden Dining Room Door
10 Hidden Door Ideas

The idea for this secret room happened during the large-scale renovation of a historic house in California. “The architect moved the first staircase to make a far better entrance, but it created an odd room that was only accessible via the dining room,” says designer Erin Williamson of Austin, TX-based Erin Williamson Design. “So we decided to form the leftover space into a secret library—a hideaway for a busy mom to figure in peace.”

2. Secret Library

Secret Library
10 Hidden Door Ideas

“The interior of the library is completely different. The dining room has a hidden door (jib) covered with wallpaper and tapestry to cover it,” Williamson explains.

3. Door Hinge Detail

Door Hinge Detail
10 Hidden Door Ideas

The jib door between the dining room and residential office library creates a refined transition between the spaces during this design from Erin Williamson Design.

4. Home Speakeasy

Home Speakeasy
10 Hidden Door Ideas

In this Maine summer house designed by Peter Pennoyer Architects, an arched jib door disguised with bookshelves exposes to a concealed bar off of the turquoise wood-paneled library.

5. Hidden Entry Hall Door

Hidden Entry Hall Door
10 Hidden Door Ideas

This concealed entry door that hides a cabinet was custom-designed to dissolve into the wainscoting. The door uses a slightly latch mechanism with a magnet that holds it perfectly in situ. As you will see, there are no hardware or buttons [visible], so the mechanisms are completely hidden behind the door. (See if you’ll spot the door cut-out above, far left.)

6. Stealth Staircase Door

Stealth Staircase Door
10 Hidden Door Ideas

John McClain Design designed a hidden storage space that uses the unused space under this grand staircase for a personalized purpose: to house a fully decorated Christmas tree. Creating a hidden door to camouflage dead space under stairs allows the homeowner to store the trimmed tree after the holiday season is over and remove it the following year with minimal effort. “We mixed the panel design at the door site and created the door seamlessly within the joinery, ”says McClain. (The hidden door is found above, far right.)

7. Secret Wardrobe

Secret Wardrobe
10 Hidden Door Ideas

Secret wardrobes are the things of childhood classics and lifelong fantasies. designer Laura Medicus of Laura Medicus Interiors brought the dream to life for her daughter Sylvia by creating an enthralling hidden hang-out spot concealed behind the pretense of an armoire placed ahead of a closet opening.

8. Hidden Reading Nook

Hidden Reading Nook
10 Hidden Door Ideas

For a designer daughter, space travel is more fun than playing, so Laura Medicus created a personal place for her daughter to watch TV, read, and relax by transforming a wardrobe into a secret room accessible through closet doors.

9. Fireplace Wall

Fireplace Wall
10 Hidden Door Ideas

What seems like a hard and fast black marble fireplace wall from Creative Home Engineering seems to be an ingenious little bit of painting because of a totally automated sliding column structure that reveals its dual purpose.

10. Fireplace Door

Fireplace Door
10 Hidden Door Ideas

A black marble sliding fireplace mantel opens and closes to reveal and hide the opening of a secret room.

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