How to Add Create Granny Chic Style to Your Home

How to Add Create Granny Chic Style to Your Home
How to Add Create Granny Chic Style to Your Home

Picture an old, traditional American home. many moulding, ornate details, and curved, intricate furniture. Contribute now to Art Nouveau, stylish modern furniture, and a decorative pillow (or three). this is often granny chic — and it’s all the craze within the design world.

The trend, also known as “grandmillennial” or “chic grandma,” is best described as a juxtaposition of old and new. Design blogger Ashley Hardison said in an email that grandmothers’ chic spaces are “full of patterns, textures, light and collectable moments,” with antique furniture, vintage books, candles. and a multitude of colors.

“Lifestyle blogger Julie McConville said I am drawn to the Millennial style because it is “anti-trend”, via email. ““It looks like the classic style, with some modifications, will last for years.

Though the name sounds, for lack of a far better word, rather grand, the design isn’t difficult to duplicate. We spoke with various interior designers and furniture bloggers about the ways you can bring a touch of elegance to your home.

1. Always Choose Wallpaper


A colorful, patterned wallpaper may be a staple of the granny chic style — far more so than any paint job. It’s a simple thanks to bring the vibe to your space, especially if you decide for peel-and-stick wallpaper over traditional.

I wish Millennials weren’t complete without a few pieces of wallpaper, designer Jennifer Harrop said via email.“You can certainly create an area without wallpaper, but I like that if you have thick or floral wallpaper your room will automatically have that nice feel.”

2. Pick Your Pattern(s)

living room with Your Pattern
living room with Your Pattern

bedroom with yellow and white patterned fabrics
Speaking of patterns, wallpaper is merely a method to include them into the design, but there are numerous opportunities you’ll (and should!) cash in of. the only thanks to doing this? Fabrics.

Harrup says pillows, curtains, and fabric are essentially blank canvases for florals, toile, and other granny-esque patterns. But you don’t need to stop at chintz curtains or plaid pillows — incorporating patterned decor, like blue and white chinoiserie ceramics, are granny chic central.

3. Flower Power

floral patterned art and ceramics on floral tablecloth
floral patterned art and ceramics on a floral tablecloth

There is a special style that you will not want to miss in your grandmother’s chic space: the floral one. Flowers and millennia go hand in hand, so incorporate them into wallpaper, textiles, ceramics, or artwork.

“Blogger and designer Catherine Medellín said in an email to models like Chintz, Indian and botanical prints work wonders on textiles, while Dresden-style flowers, pink furniture, and other judges. Excellent Chinese steps to the sea.

And don’t just stop at patterns: Designers recommend filling antique vases with fresh blooms also.

“”The flowers are draped in Ace Lovely Ace fabric or tablecloth [or] pillow of any size,” Hardon said.

4. Bring the color

white and green granny chic room
white and green granny chic room

Grandmillennial is all about color, though that’s about as far because the guidelines go. As Long Ace If you are filling a color space, you will choose rich, saturated tones or keep it lighter and more airy with soft tones.

“”When it comes to color, there is nothing right or wrong, just make sure the color is light,” Hardison said.
McConville says some stylish and popular grandmother options include blues, pinks, greens, and whites. But again, you will be incorporating the colors that you like the most.

5. Balance Straight Lines and Curves


The granny chic mesh of old and new is probably most apparent when choosing furniture. Hardison says you would like to require care to select pieces that have classic elements, like curved arms or cabriole legs, and pair them with more modern furnishings, like a straight-backed sofa.

6. Create a comfortable Interior


For many people, “granny” is synonymous with “cozy.” this is often still true for grandmillennial, though you ought to consider it as, “cozy, make it stylish.” Hardison says that you should always have pillows and blankets when designing a grandmother’s space in style.

“”The thing about these pillows is you might just have to line the floral fabric mixed in with the invitation cutout with a Samuel & Sons solid velvet one-piece pillow and then maybe a print. Gingham, one size though different can let you make the diaper.

7. Say Goodbye to reveal Surfaces

How to Add Create Granny Chic Style to Your Home
How to Add Create Granny Chic Style to Your Home

Wooden side panel with blue and white ceramic and carved lamps on top.
On the size of minimalism to maximalism, granny chic is more aligned with “cluttercore.” Medlin says any shelving, sideboards, and tables should be adorned with unique tchotchkes, travel curios, and fresh flowers. Other common items: antique silver or brass, candles, and works of art, both classic and modern.

““Millennials don’t care about emptiness and simplicity, but we love this piece of furniture that has history [and] personality. It’s even better when the décor satisfies us and our families, so we’re especially impressed with the family heirlooms and antiques that express our personalities. “

This eye for the unique means the trend can embrace sustainability — rather than mass-produced pieces, those going for a granny chic look often search through second-hand and thrift stores for one-of-a-kind decor to upcycle.

8. Install Moulding

grandmillenial room with big windows
grandmillenial room with big windows

Beneath the patterns and flourishes, Harrup says the bones of a chic,
novel space should include the trim.
“”It won’t be in five years that I think, ‘Oh my God, we have this beautiful wall in our walls that we’d love to tear down.’ … mussels looked great 100 years ago and they are. “

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