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Do you have snails in your garden?

Here’s how to get a snail-free garden!

Snails and slugs are often unwelcome visitors to the garden. Both species are ready to devour your flowers, plants, fresh vegetables and herbs. Has your garden been invaded by these slippery creatures? Here’s how you can get rid of them very easily.

Weather conditions have a particularly important influence on the presence of snails in your garden.



Snails are one of the biggest problems for gardeners. They feed on dead and living plants and animal corpses. Especially at night, they flock to your garden for a real feast, which means your garden will look very sad in the morning. Snails begin to reproduce as early as April, laying 400 eggs that hatch three weeks later. That’s why it’s important to get rid of them before they become a real pest.

Preventive measures

Since prevention is better than cure, it is important to take preventive measures. To do this, hoe your garden regularly so that the top layer of soil dries out and the snails can’t move around as easily. Also, avoid dark, damp areas in the grass (that’s where snails like to hide) and place nesting boxes in your garden to attract birds that eat snails. Is the damage already done and have the snails invaded your garden? If so, there are other ways to get rid of them.

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The 100% natural and environmentally friendly product to get rid of snails is garlic! The strong, penetrating smell of garlic is no fun at all for snails and it will make these slippery creatures disappear from your garden.

Here are the steps you need to take:

Take two garlic bulbs and crush them.
Bring a liter of water to a boil and add the two crushed bulbs to the boiling water.
Let the water with the garlic boil for 10 minutes.
When the 10 minutes are up, let the water cool and strain out the garlic and other waste.
Store the garlic water in a sealable bottle.
Add two generous tablespoons of garlic water to one liter of water in a spray bottle or watering can. Stir well!
Spray the plants that are being eaten by snails and you will see that they will disappear.

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