5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro

5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro
5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro

Intense color impact? Check. Easy and smooth application? Check. bound to create a fierce cat eye? Check. Ah, gel eyeliner – you are actually the mega-babe in our makeup kit. If you’re yet to get the flexibility and amazingness of our ultimate BFF, then these steps will assist you to apply gel eyeliner sort of a pro. Trust us, it’ll be love initially line…

How to apply gel eyeliner

5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro
5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro

Step 1: Start with a blank canvas

Before you dive straight in, confirm you’re starting with a clean and clear base. Use eye makeup remover across the eyelids before you start – albeit you do not have makeup on – this process also will devour any excess oil too. And if you would like your eyeliner to carry (say if you’re heading to a party) then add slightly of primer too.

Step 2: Coat your brush

An angled flat brush is great for the precise application of gel eyeliner (we’re talking the kind that goes into a small bowl), although you may want to combine a brush based on your specific effect. A wider, more textured brush is best for smudging eyeliner for a smokey-eye look, while a thinner brush is best for fine lines.

Coat your chosen brush in gel eyeliner and do a few of practice lines on the rear of your hand to urge obviate any excess product.

Step 3: Draw the road

For a classic winged look, start drawing your line from the center of the lash line towards the outer eye, finishing with a lightweight flick. Next, draw a line from the inner eye towards the center, completing the road. If you’ve got hooded eyes, try pulling the lid gently at the sides for help drawing the right line.

Step 4: Build it up

If you would like added drama, an excellent thing about gel eyeliner is that it’s buildable. So once you’ve applied it once, you’ll return and add more layers. If you would like to travel for a smokey eye, take a rather bigger brush and smudge, smudge, smudge!

Step 5: … And repeat

Repeat the method on the opposite eye to finish the design and confirm to spot-check as you draw the road to stay them as symmetrical as possible.

What makes gel eyeliners different?

Gel eyeliners revolutionised the attention makeup game because they’re during a word – versatile! From smouldering smokey eyes to edgy cut crease looks, this product may be a firm favorite permanently reason. And don’t get us wrong, we always have a place in our hearts for eyeliner and liquid eyeliner (and every beauty lover will have their personal favorites!), But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind product, the gel is the way to go. Experiment with all three sorts of eyeliner to get which one will work for the design you’ve got in mind.

5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro
5 Steps to Apply Gel Eyeliner Like a Pro

3 tips for gel eyeliner #goals

  1. If you don’t feel comfortable with a brush, just trace your eye with kohl pincel and trace with gel eyeliner, so you’re ready to practice getting the perfect stroke!
  2. Try a couple of brushes to seek out out which one you are feeling most comfortable with – everyone has their own sworn-fav!
  3. If you’ve recently finished your liquid liner, don’t throw away the comb – this will be reused! Clean all the merchandise off first then it’s able to roll.

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